Thursday, June 01, 2006

Experiment: Steamed Cake - 1 - Tavsalli (Konkani)

I am completely unaware of Konkani cooking, but it seems easy and interesting thanks to the food bloggers. So, this afternoon's experiment is Tavsalli by Ashwini.

Do I ever follow a recipe? I thought the photo looked like rawa instead of semolina - so I used the fine suji (bombay rawa) and musk melon since the english cucumber purchased 2 weeks back has died in spite of being in the refrigerator. I reduced jaggery to 1/4 cup thinking musk melon would make it all up. I haven't tasted tavsalli in my life before. But, 1/4 cup seems less for my taste bud. While frying the rawa I was reminded of Rawa urundai (Amma is an expert at this one and hers is best when all of us get together and eat rawa urundais from each household). So, thinking of that, I fried rawa using 4 tsp of ghee. K said "Ok" Then he said "Nanna irukku" (in spite of the lesser jaggery, guess he is trying to be nice!). We could not eat more than 2-3 pieces, it feels full. But, I still think this is a healthy recipe and a nice cake! :-) I will follow the recipe next time.


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