Friday, May 26, 2006

Experiment: Tiffin - 1 : Muthia (Gujrathi)

Every evening I am bothered with coming up with that something that is light, tasty, just about satisfies the stomach which ate at noon and still leaves some space for a light dinner two hours later. So, today's item is Muthia

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Pretty much followed Ashwini's recipe replaced 5 tbs with 1/2 a cup of each. I added spinach, left out methi and garam masala as I did not have them. I tried to bake it but this was the first time and my oven gave an uneasy smell, so I decided to try my luck at microwave - the plate became out of shape (it was supposedly microwave safe)! :-( Nevertheless, the biscuits tasted good. Finally, I resorted to steaming and they tasted good. I still think baking biscuits out of them makes it just too darned good. May be when I am a little more confident with the oven.