Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Nei Payasam

This is an authentic Kerala dish - a most favourite one at temples and special Pujas.
Navarathri time too we make this. The recipe is from Vivek in the PI community who has got it from his mother and grandmother. The Payasam is great for the sweet-toothed and for others it will be a bite too sweet! It also has loads of nei (Ghee), so watch it!

The Nei Payasam recipe, I believe, is widely available on the net as in .here.

However, I followed Vivek's instructions of Rice:Jaggery:Ghee as 1:3:1
Yes, it is Rice:Jaggery and not the other way around. The jaggery needs to be melted in little water not too much and rice has to be extra cooked as it might become grainy during the payasam preparation. Rest is the same as in the link except that remove from stove once Ghee leaves the sides.